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Teletaster® - Radio control at its best

Handheld transmitter or wall mount transmitter – Tedsen's Teletaster® K512 radio remote controls include a wide range of versatilely usable products. They work in all standard frequency ranges and can be integrated in all established switching programs without problems.

The application possibilities provided by our control systems are wide-ranging. Some of our latest products include stair lifts with safeguarding on a second frequency, central extraction equipment with access to each room or weatherproof control systems for sauna cabins. Come and get your own impression of our products.



Teletaster®IRP - Radio controls

The Teletaster IRP® is a modern radio remote control system that is ideal for use in larger buildings such as underground garages. The management software that has been specially developed for this product offers the user a multitude of practical functions, yet is also surprisingly easy to operate. Teletaster IRP® enables you to create and manage as many buildings as you want in an easily manageable database – with up to 2000 handheld transmitters per receiver. What makes this radio system really special is the Intelligent Replacement Program.

This system solution enables you to replace lost handheld transmitters quickly and securely. By using the Teletaster IRP® software to manage your handheld transmitters, you can reprogram a replacement transmitter in just two seconds. When you do this, the data and serial number of the lost handheld transmitter are transferred to the replacement transmitter. In addition, each replacement transmitter is automatically provided with an index of lost devices that indicates which transmitter is currently valid. When a new replacement transmitter is used to operate a receiver for the first time, the lost transmitter is immediately blocked.



Teletaster®IRP Plus

Modern, handy transponders and handheld radio transmitters with integrated transponder. The RFID technology used offers various possibilities for the contactless registration of access data, for example. Individually assigned serial numbers enable you to customise the transponders and transmitters to suit your precise requirements using the Teletaster IRP®Plus software.